Request tax forms through IVR

If further corrections or adjustments are required before tax forms are produced, proceed to the After the First Pay of the New Year page.Closed From the Year End menu, select Year-End Adjustment Process > After the First Pay of the New Year. for information and instructions on how to submit your adjustments.

After validating the year-end reports provided from your Y-Run, you are ready to request your tax forms.

Important Information on When to Access IVR

Tax form initiation is available via IVR from January 4, 2022, to February 18, 2022.

If you require assistance or have not used the IVR service and require your access information, contact your Service Delivery Team.

After your request is made, you may access IVR again to check on the status of your request.

Note: IVR can be utilized for initial requests only. To initiate a re-run or re-print, contact your Service Delivery Team.