Verify year-end adjustment payroll data

Data verification ensures that your payroll data has been entered accurately. A series of warning messages are displayed for your review on the Data Verification page. On the bottom of the page, you find totals for the information you have entered for the current payroll.

You should verify your data before you submit it to Ceridian for processing to make sure that your payroll is error free. Use the Data Verification page.Closed From the Process menu, select Data Verification. to check KEYED data for the payroll. By checking against your source documents, this page helps you balance your payroll data entries BEFORE requesting a preview of the payroll.

The most important fields to check are the Regular Payment Totals for Hours and Earnings, and Second Payment Totals for Hours and Earnings. These values come from the Employee Timesheet page.Closed From the Payroll menu, select Regular Payment > Employee Timesheet. and the Employee Timesheet - Second Payment page.Closed From the Payroll menu, select Second Payment > Employee Timesheet - Second Payment..

Important: Automated earnings, such as salaries and permanent earnings, are NOT included in the data totals because these entries are not keyed as part of the pay period entries.

This page displays a summary of information keyed for the Year-End Adjustment payroll in two sections:

  • The first section contains warning messages related to SIN problems.
  • The second section displays totals by description for each of the fields where values were entered for the Year-End Adjustment.

The different sections, and categories within them, appear only if there are current entries in that particular section or category. For example, if no deduction were keyed, the deductions category does not appear.


You can use this page at various stages of entering payroll information. For example, when you make an entry on an employee’s Year-End Adjustments page, the values keyed are then fed to the Data Verification page. This page accumulates the totals for each field for which a year-end adjustment has been made. After you complete all the data entry for your Year-End Adjustment run, you can compare your totals against the totals of each field on this page.

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