Electronic filing

Ceridian will electronically file all customers’ tax forms with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec.

Failure to meet Ceridian’s filing deadline could result in you, the employer, being responsible for filing your company’s tax information to CRA and/or Revenu Quebec electronically using an alternate method.

CRA Do not send a T4/T4A Summary to CRA.
Revenu Quebec

The government supplied RL-1 Summary (RLZ-1.S-V) must be completed by you and sent to the address shown on the form even though Ceridian has sent your RL-1 information electronically. Your failure to file the RL-1 Summary may result in penalties. The Quebec provincial government does not supply Ceridian with RL-1 Summaries. The summary that is sent directly to you, the employer, from the Government of Quebec must be used for filing purposes.

For the purpose of completing the RL-1 Summary, Ceridian’s Revenu Quebec transmitter number (tax filing number) is NP000006. This number is for Ceridian customers filing purposes only, and should NOT be used or distributed to anyone other than Revenu Quebec.

Action Required: If you have employees in Quebec, submit the RL-1 Summary by February 28, 2022.