Missed tax form deadlines

Ceridian’s tax form processing deadline is February 18, 2022. To avoid late filing penalties from CRA/RQ, it is recommended that you process your tax forms prior to Ceridian’s deadline of February 18, 2022, and resolve any issues with amended tax forms closely thereafter.


There will be no penalties on AMENDED tax forms that were included in your original electronic file to CRA/RQ. Any NEW tax forms created after the fact may be considered late by CRA/RQ and you may still be subject CRA/RQ penalties. If you discover that you have missed a tax form after your electronic file has been submitted, please contact CRA/RQ and advise them immediately.

Issuing penalties regarding tax filing is at the discretion of CRA/RQ and there may be situations where an assessment is issued (by CRA/RQ) due to circumstances not related to tax form activities handled by Ceridian.