Online tax forms powered by Powerpay Self Service

Powerpay Self Service is a tool that allows employees to view their Payroll and Human Resource information at any time, including address, contact and banking information, emergency contacts, pay statements and tax forms.

Note: Electronic forms are available from December 1, 2021– March 31, 2022. Tax forms processed outside of this time frame will produce paper forms. Tax forms are printed and delivered to the employer for distribution if the employee has not chosen Electronic Tax Forms or housed under the Reports Tab in Powerpay if you have paperless set up.

Employer registration must occur prior to the final payroll processing of the year. Please allow yourself additional time to complete the Ceridian agreement, for Ceridian to enter the required system option, and for your employees to choose Electronic Tax Forms.

Employers can change employees to Tax Forms through Powerpay Self Service by going to the Field Selections page.Closed From the Company menu, select Self Service > Field Selections. and changing Year-End Form Delivery to View. Then they would go to User Maintenance, to Simulate, to Profile & Settings and to the Work Information section where they would change the tax form delivery to Electronic Only.

Powerpay Self Service tax form holding period and release

It is important to note that online tax forms are held by Ceridian for a default of 3 calendar days before being released to Powerpay Self Service for delivery (pay statements are available on cheque date). The purpose of the 3 day holding period is:

  1. To allow for client review and verification of accuracy.
  2. To provide the opportunity to re-run tax forms, in situations where changes or updates are required.
    • If tax forms are re-run within the 3 day holding period the original tax forms will be overwritten with the new tax forms
    • If the 3 day holding period has expired, subscribed employees will receive 2 copies of their tax form(s) in their Powerpay Self Service mailbox (the date stamp will identify which form is the most current).

Once tax forms have been processed you may, on a per request basis, contact your Service Delivery Team to override the default setting to:

  • Waive the 3 day waiting period, releasing tax forms to Powerpay Self Service for delivery, or
  • Defer the release to Powerpay Self Service beyond the default 3 day holding period until further notice. You are required to contact Ceridian a second time when you are ready to have forms released to Powerpay Self Service.

Irrespective of the holding period, in order to ensure all employees receive their tax forms prior to Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA’s) deadline of February 28, 2022, and Revenu Quebec’s (RQ’s) deadline of February 28, 2022, all pending employee tax forms will be released to Powerpay Self Service for delivery on February 18, 2022.

Contact your Service Delivery Team for further information.

Powerpay Self Service registered employees

The year-end balancing report identifies if an employee will receive online tax forms. On the Employee Totals report, an ‘S’ displays between the province code and employee status.