Create a Year-End Run

All fields on the Create Y-Run page are view-only, and based on the last processed payroll of the last year. Use this page to initiate a year-end run that is not part of the regular series of payroll runs defined in your calendar, and adjustments belong to the previous year. No payments are issued for this run.

A year-end run is used to adjust employee year to-date totals for earnings, deductions and contributions after the final pay of the year is processed. This ensures that employee tax forms are accurate. To further ensure accuracy of tax forms, verify the employee names, addresses, and social insurance numbers (SIN) before processing a year-end run. Year-end runs also allow you to set up new employees who may not have been on the payroll during the past year but for whom a tax form is required.

Create a year-end adjustment run only if it is not possible to make required adjustments in or before your last payroll run of the previous year. You can submit as many year-end runs as required within the allowed time frame. Adjustments are cumulative.

Year-end runs:

  • affect the previous year's data only. Entries made on a year-end run are not carried forward to the current year. For example, employee profile information.
  • do not adjust an employee's Insurable Earnings History or Vacation Accrual.
  • do not adjust employee target amounts in the current year for those deductions which have a target amount and where an adjustment amount has been entered. This also applies to garnishments that have remaining target amounts.
  • do not generate remittances to CRA, other provincial agencies or third-party vendors.
  • do not generate employee payments.
  • can be closed without processing by your Service Delivery Team. Once the run is submitted or closed it cannot be reopened.


You have run your first pay of the new year.


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