Enter a year-end adjustment

Year-end adjustments are entered to update year-to-date values for an employee's earnings, deductions or employer contributions when amendments are required after the final pay of the year is processed. For example, a taxable benefit or pension adjustment (PA) is calculated after year-end and must be reported on the employee’s tax form.

The Year-End Adjustments page is similar to the Manual page with the following exceptions:

  • the entry does not have to balance
  • a Cheque Number is not required
  • the For which pay period? column does not display because year-end runs do not allocate earnings to pay periods for Insurable Earnings purposes

All values entered on the Year-End Adjustments page are directed to the employee’s tax form based on the employee’s Province of Employment / Business Number combination.

Note: Information displayed on the page is based on the last processed payroll run of the year.

Note: Enter all required data in the appropriate section. If you need more records than are displayed initially, click Save. Powerpay adds more rows. When applicable, Powerpay also displays Gross Pay and Total Deductions.


You have determined that it is necessary to enter a year-end adjustment for an employee.

You have created a Year-end run.

You have calculated statutory deductions based on hours, earnings or taxable benefit amounts that you plan to adjust.

Note: For a Year-End Adjustment run, Powerpay does not calculate any statutory deductions - Federal or Provincial. To record statutory deductions (Federal Tax, CPP/QPP, EI/QPIP, Quebec Tax, NWT and Nunavut Tax), you must determine these amounts and enter them in the appropriate row in the Government Deductions section.


Next steps

  1. Verify data using the Data Verification page.Closed From the Process menu, select Data Verification. Check each field where you entered values against the totals displayed in the Year-End Adjustments Run – Totals section.
  2. Preview the payroll run on the Payroll Preview page.Closed From the Process menu, select Payroll Preview.

Powerpay displays any employee who has a year-end adjustment on the Employee Totals page. Click the employee’s name to open the Employee Details page to view that employee’s year-end adjustments. The amounts recorded for the year-end adjustment update the employee’s year-to-date totals for that field for the previous year.

Note: No payments are produced on a Year-End Adjustment run – Employee, Federal, Provincial or Third-party

Note: Ceridian does not process any remittances to government agencies. Such remittances are your responsibility. In addition, although Powerpay calculates the employer costs for provincial payroll and medical taxes and Nova Scotia WCB employer premiums, you are responsible for remitting these amounts.

Note: Year-to-date entries for earnings not previously reported on the register will not update the respective Provincial Medical totals, for example, EHT.

Note: Year-to-date entries will not calculate vacation accruals or update EI history.

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